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    No matter who you are and how many assets or how much income you have, you will fall into one of 3 categories while going through the financial aid & college funding process....

Those who will definitely qualify for need-based financial aid no matter what school they choose;

2) Those who will qualify for need based financial aid depending upon the school that they choose; and

3) Those who, no matter what, will not qualify for any need-based financial aid.

    Regardless of the category you fall into, College Funding Solutions of Ohio can assist with the planning and services you need to navigate the college funding and financial aid process.  However, the types of services you require certainly would depend upon which category you fall into.  So let's briefly address each category....

Category 1: Those who will definitely qualify for need-based financial aid no matter what school they choose

    Catgeory 1 families typically have a low enough income and asset base to qualify for need-based aid, regardless of the school they attend.  We help this category by navigating them through the entire financial-aid process. Many parents submit their financial aid paperwork incorrectly and add 4-6 weeks of processing time because they get "bumped," and go back to the bottom of the processing list.  Since most financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, even the smallest of errors on the forms can drastically affect the amount of aid you get. It is also vitally important to make sure the right information goes in the right place and that you do not disclose information that you are not required to disclose.  In addition, we also help category 1 families by negotiating with colleges on their behalf to get a better financial aid package with the maximum amount of FREE money possible (as opposed to loans)!  College Funding Solutions of Ohio provides these services and more to assist Category 1 families.

Category 2: Those who will qualify for need based financial aid depending upon the school that they choose

    This group of people usually includes the middle-class and the upper middle-class, who usually do not consider themselves "rich" by any means.  Like category 1 families, we help this category by completing all forms correctly so that they get submitted on time without errors. For category 2 families, the amount of aid typically tends to be less, so getting these forms completed correctly and on time can save them thousands of dollars. If you aren't awarded what we deem from past experience at a school to be a fair aid package, we will also help negotiate with the college for a better offer. For this group, we want to take advantage of every strategy out there to make sure your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is as low as possible, by legally arranging your financial affairs to qualify for more aid and lower out-of-pocket costs.  Like category 1 families, we want to make sure category 2 families get as much FREE money as possible, as opposed to self-help money, such as loans and work-study.

Category 3: Those who will not, no matter what, qualify for any need-based aid

    Category 3 families are normally upper middle-class and wealthier who make a pretty nice living, but still find it difficult to absorb a $30,000+ hit to their cash flow without negatively impacting their lifestyle, and who would still like to maximize the most tax-efficient and cost-effective means by which to pay for their children's education.  We still help this group by navigating them through the financial aid process.  However, that is not where we bring the most value to this group. Our goal for category 3 families is to make it so all of your children get sent to college comfortably without neglecting all of the other financial goals you have set (such as paying off your mortgage, supplementing your retirement, etc.).  If we can assist these families to create a cash flow solution that saves them several thousands of dollars a year in taxes during the years they have children in college, it is almost the equivalent as getting them several thousand of dollars a year in additional scholarships or financial aid!  This manner of planning can be implemented for category 3 families, as well as for many category 2 families.

Why Guidance Counselors & Financial Aid Officers Do Not Help With These Issues

    Too many people assume that the high school guidance counselors and the college financial aid offices will help them get the best financial aid package possible. This really couldn't be further from the truth!  This does not mean that guidance counselors and financial aid officers are bad people or do not do their jobs, by any stretch of the imagination. It just means that guidance counselors are primarily concerned with: 1) trying to find a career path that they think fits your child's skill set; 2) that your child will enjoy and succeed at; and 3) to get them into a school that they will enjoy. They aren't trained to show you how you are going to actually pay for school or how you can position your financial affairs to possibly qualify for more financial aid, and thereby teach you to lower your out-of-pocket college costs.  Likewise, college financial aid officers have a different purpose and training for their positions, and those purposes are not always consistent with your best interests.  While you can go and attempt to receive counseling for your financial affairs from these people, you must remember -- going to the financial aid office and asking for aid is basically like going to the IRS to do your taxes!!!  Part of their job descriptions are actually to get each family to pay as much money as possible out-of-pocket, while still getting you to attend their college.  You are pretty much guaranteeing yourself that you will not get as much aid as you may be eligible for... Nor will you learn how to negotiate for a better offer. And they are definitely not going to perform a thorough analysis of your finances to try and determine the least painful & most affordable way to pay for college!

    Regardless of the category you fall into, if you want real guidance in these issues, you can either attempt to learn as much as possible in this highly specialized area and navigate the road alone, OR you can hire a college funding advisor to assist you thorugh the entire process.  If you would like to 
contact College Funding Solutions of Ohio about our services, we'd be happy to determine if you are a family that we think we can assist with our services!

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