"You have nothing to lose and may have a lot to gain!"

"I attended an informational session at Liberty High School one evening where I listened to Scott's presentation. It made sense. I was frantically trying to figure out how people pay for college. I had gotten nowhere in my own research. Families that I knew and talked to were reluctant to reveal how they were funding their children's college education. My goal was to minimize college loans as much as possible, if not eliminate them. I thought 'I have to DO something!', so I set an appointment to meet with Scott. I needed someone who was an expert in this field to show me what the options are and to help me put a plan together. Truly, I was in a panic when I walked through the door at CFS. It didn't take long for me to be able to breathe and sleep at night because there was a way for me to reach my goals. There was something that would work for me! Not only did CFS help me meet my goals, but also exceed them. The biggest benefit of working with CFS for me was the variety of financial planning strategies that were viable options for me. I may have been a little familiar with some of them, but I didn't think they were options that fit my financial situation. The only thing that I would say to any family that has concerns of how to pay for college is to meet with Scott and discuss your situation. You have nothing to lose and may have a lot to gain!  

 ~ Patti 

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