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"You have nothing to lose and may have a lot to gain!"

 "My goal was to minimize college loans as much as possible, if not eliminate them. I thought, ‘I have to do something’, so I set an appointment to meet with Scott. I needed someone who was an expert in this field..."

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"I highly recommend these services..."

"...my twin daughters are attending a private university which costs $35,000/year per student at a cost to me of $6,000 for each daughter."

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"They were knowledgeable and gave us options we thought we would never have."

"We thought we would not be eligible for financial aid, but they helped us with options..."

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"Thank you three times over!!"

"We cannot adequately express our gratitude to the staff at College Funding Solutions of Ohio for their help in securing college funding for our three children."

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"A great burden has been lifted and we have peace of mind."

"College Funding Solutions of Ohio helped us create a workable financial plan to pay for college and plan for retirement."

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"Seek professional help - the sooner the better!"

"We feel proactive about our finances now and are proud to know that we can help our son through college, so he doesn't graduate buried in debt."

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Any of these situations sound familiar?

Come meet with us and see if we can help your family have a happy ending when it comes to College. 

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