Our Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy!

We want you to know that College Funding Solutions of Ohio respects your privacy, honors your confidentiality, and values your trust.

Because working with us requires that we have knowledge of sensitive, private, and personal contact information and financial information, College Funding Solutions of Ohio will not release any of your personal information to any unauthorized persons, PERIOD. 

We guarantee you that we will never sell, rent, give, trade or otherwise provide anything you tell us to any person or company that is not part of our own enterprise, or part of the package of services that you purchase from us.

College Funding Solutions of Ohio will not ever provide your email address, or any other contact information to any outside party unrelated to the services you contract with us to provide. The only way your email address will be used is for us to contact you either to share important changes in information or opportunities, or as we fulfill different services that we are to provide you according to our services agreement, such as to send you newsletters, hot new information, special deals, changes to our services, or whatever we need to tell you. Of course, if you wish to have us stop contacting you via your email address, you can tell us, and your email address will be deleted accordingly.

We understand your privacy is important to you, and will always honor your wishes immediately, with no hassles. The last thing we would ever want to do would be to break your trust in us, whether you ever become a client or not.  We promise to deliver trust and integrity with everything that we do.

Should you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Thank you for your trust and confidence. We are going maintain it by protecting your information with the same energy we protect our own information.