Worried About Paying Too Much For College?

Helping Families Successfully Navigate the College Process

Are You Fearful of the Daunting Task of Paying for Your Child's College Education?

Have you been trying to "hope and wish" your way through the College Planning process? Have you been telling yourself that the many details of paying for college will just fall into place all by themselves? Do you feel like time ticks away toward the day when you ultimately have to choose whether or not you can pay to give your child a future?

Do You know How to Start Planning for College?

Is your family not afraid to admit what the vast majority of families are feeling... 

That you have no idea where to begin the College Planning process?

What if where and when you start your planning dramatically impacts how much you will eventually pay for College?

When to Start

What Category is Your Family?

No matter how many assets or how much income you have, your family will fall into one of three categories while going through the Financial Aid and College Funding Process.


Our Services

Holistic Approach


We provide a first-class experience by partnering with families in all phases of the College Process - from start to finish. We expertly guide them in the Planning, Testing, Admission Application, Career and Major Selection, College Choice, Financial Aid, Cost Negotiation, and other College Life stages. These items all ultimately impact the total cost of college and how a family intends to pay.

Personalized Plans


Many families spend more time planning their annual family vacation than how they will pay for their children's College education. We work with each family to create a realistic plan to pay for college in the most effective and tax-efficient way possible for all their children, without taking unnecessary risks. We do this without sacrificing other important financial goals, such as retirement.

Reducing Costs


Too many people often assume there is little they can do to reduce the total cost of College for their family. Nothing could be further from the truth! The families who end up paying the least have learned how to take control of certain aspects of the College Planning process, instead of letting the process control them. Let us help your family take control, while your children pursue their dreams.

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