"A great burden has been lifted and we have peace of mind."

"Our biggest concern was being able to afford sending our daughter to college without going into massive debt. It made us feel nervous and anxious. One day I received a brochure in the mail about a college planning workshop and I said to my husband that we needed to go. We went to the workshop and were impressed with what we saw and heard, so we made an appointment with CFS! They helped us create a workable financial plan to pay for college and plan for retirement in addition to helping our student with career planning, choosing the best school, and completion of the FAFSA forms.  Working with CFS has been a God-send by them helping us navigate the complexity of college planning and finances. Working with them has made us feel as if a great burden has been lifted and we have peace of mind.  I even carry CFS business cards in my wallet - I tell families to make an appointment with Scott and give them the card!"

 ~ Paul and Edie 

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