"Seek professional help - the sooner the better!"

Our biggest concern and fear was that we started very late in saving for college, our house was far from paid off and retirement was right around the corner. The beginning of our child's junior year we realized time was running out and we needed help. We attended a seminar given at our high school and then scheduled a meeting with CFS.  The largest benefit of working with CFS was the help we received with getting a game plan that would not only help with college, but also with an eye toward our future goals outside of being able to pay for college.  We feel proactive now about our finances, and proud to know that we can help our son through college, so he doesn't graduate buried in debt. We would tell other families to seek professional help - the sooner the better.  Don't think that financial planning is only for the wealthy.  We really wish we had known to work with a company like CFS when we were first married. We think your services would make the best wedding gift for a young couple. 

~  Steve and Amy

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