When To Start the College Planning Process

NOW! It Is NEVER Too Early! It Is Rarely Too Late!

I bet you remember when your child started Kindergarten.... College felt so far away, and you thought you had plenty of time to plan.  Ideally, families should start planning and saving for College the moment a child enters this world. We love assisting families who start planning early! However, studies show that the vast majority of families do not get serious enough about planning for College until their oldest student is in high school... or even later.

Even though we help families in all stages of the College Planning process, we specialize in "late-stage" college planning. This is simply the result of a practical realization of the overwhelming number of families that have a child in High School with no comprehensive plan for how they intend to pay for College. 

Are you one of those late-stage families?  Does College feel like it is right around the corner? If you are like most families, your child is probably in middle or high school now and you are running out of time to successfully navigate the College process.  

Start as soon as possible.  It's NEVER too early!  By the same token, even though you may not have as many options had you started earlier, it's also almost never too late to do something.


Don't Wait Any Longer. Start Planning For College Today!